Innovationmarket | Міжнародний форум

International Forum “INNOVATION MARKET” is a meeting place for innovators, inventors, producers and vendors of leading innovative technologies, experts in innovation field, authors of Startup projects, business representatives, representatives of investment and financial institutions, consultants in the field of intellectual property protection.

Forum is conducted according to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated November 23, 2016 No. 864-р “About conducting International Forum “INNOVATION MARKET”.
Innovation ideas, projects, inventions and developments in the following fields will be shown in exhibition area “Innovation Market”:

  •  IT, telecommunications, Hі Тech;
  • environment, power industry;
  •  finance, trade;
  •  marketing, management;
  •  education and science;
  •  aviation and space;
  • transport;
  • architecture, design;
  • creative industry and fashion;
  • food & restaurant;
  • robotechnics, drones;
  • and many other.

Event Format


Innovations exhibition area

Higher educational institutions exhibition area

The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine exhibition area

STARTUP projects alley

DEMO area

Main Hall

Subject matter

   Main hall

Education. Science. Innovations.

State and international programs of business and innovations support

STARTUP DAY From ideas to investments.



Intellectual property protection


Power industry

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Over 50 startups, higher educational institutions, Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Awarding the winners of All-Ukrainian scientific and technical exhibition competition of youth innovation projects “Future of Ukraine”

IFIM efficiency enforces conducting of XVII International Industrial Forum 2018, where, according to statistics, up to 600 companies from 30 countries all over the world take part. Participants and visitors of XVII International Industrial Forum 2018 will add to target audience of IFIM.